Removing ice dams can't wait

Removing ice dams can't wait

Getting an ice dam removal as soon as possible is more important than you may realize. Ice dams can:

  • Damage ceilings, walls and even floors
  • Cause problems with your insulation system
  • Provide an ideal environment for mold growth

Hire us for ice dam services in Buxton, Gorham or Portland, ME today.

Don't Let Ice Weigh Down Your Roof

Get ice dam removal services in Buxton, Gorham or Portland, ME

Buxton, Gorham and Portland, ME are no strangers to frigid winters. Dealing with built-up ice and snow is vital to keep you and your property from harm. If your roof, walkways or walls are covered in ice dams, you need help from 207 Roofers, LLC. We offer reliable ice dam services for residential and commercial clients.

You should never book ice dam removal services with a crew that uses sledgehammers on your roof. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to destroy ice safely without harming delicate surfaces underneath. That's why we use a gentle steam system. This will eliminate ice without damaging shingles, metal or paint. Plus, once winter is over, we'll return to your property and fix the insulation or ventilation issue that led to the initial problem.

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